So Little Help for Families Who Care, at least a little

Lately, I have been asked to assist an elderly relative and another disabled relative to address issues of assets levels and Medical Assistance, aka, Medicaid.  I am told read this state’s regulations, they are “the rules of the game.”  If only the game analogy provided a referee who could make a definitive call or a replay booth.  It would be nice if a recipient could get a do-over, like in football – replay first down.

The choices these weakest members of society face are tantamount to life and death, or at least life, and crappier life.  Make a mistake on the resource test – out the door of the  long term care facility you go, or you have no medical care, you’re done, cause you got a few grand in a windfall.

Oh sure, there are “strategies” but so few styled as safe harbors.  When the stakes are so, these folks are often paralyzed, justifiably afraid of a misstep…